Nothing Is Permanent, Except Watt We Offer

When it comes to power restoration, no electrical company comes close to Synch Electrician. The reasons why are far too numerous. Start with the fact that every excellent electrician in the state is in our workforce and then consider that they work for 24 hours every day throughout the week. And guess what? They have the finest supplies and tools to work with!

Business Hours

Literally, we are available for 24 hours every day.

Service Area

Our company is located in Downey, but our resources easily cover the whole of Los Angeles County.

Year Established: 2019

Service Area

Our electrical shop attends to a vast collection of electrical services. So, you can engage us for light fixture installation, light switch repair, outlet installation, and electrical wiring. In addition, we also cater to electrical panel service upgrade and circuit breaker replacement — not to mention that our electricians' ingenuity means they can design creative solutions in an instant!